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♣ the journal

Welcome to my Fandom Journal. That's right, this journal is dedicated to my obsession with fandoms, which while there are few they are vast! I've decided not to dwell too much on my real life issues here as that's what I've got a livejournal for. :)

So here there will be spoilers. Don't worry, spoilers for new episodes/movies and the like will generally be placed behind a cut but note that you have been warned. Here you will also find fic recs, my own fan fiction, ramblings, graphics, fan art, and anything else that deals with fandom is some way.

I do dabble in a lot but I'm a bit unreliable when it comes to requests/free commissions/finishing things so I do apologize for that. When this happens, feel free to bitch me out.
the friends ♦

Orignally I had it in my head for this to be exactly like my livejournal but after some serious consideration I've decided against this. So this is NOT a friends-only journal. There for a majority of posts will be/are available to you. So please feel free to lurk.

However I don't automatically friend people back. So don't worry if you don't getting friending right back. I usually only friend people who I know/have talked to in the past. But if you drop a comment here or there and let me know that you're interested in being a mutual friend I'll be happy the add you!
♥ the alex

Right. The name's Alex. I'm 19. I'm big on writing fan fiction and I do go into bouts of graphic/fan art making but don't expect a lot of that. I do read a lot of fan fiction so be prepared for recs.

I am currently attending Towson as an art education major. However this doesn't mean I'm an art snob or just into the "traditional arts". I love working graphic design and making websites (I however have no insight to making lj/dw coding and I'll leave that to people who are).

iI love blink 182 and I tend to obsess over them a lot. I also get really defensive when people start dissing on them. I get defensive about things I like in general. I'm open to a lot of things meaning I'll pretty much try/do anything at least once in my life before shutting the idea/concept down completely. Except modeling nude. I don't know how our models do it and I totally give them props for doing it but I couldn't. (I bet it also helps that they're all stick thin).
the fandom stuff ♠

Like I have mentioned numerous times, I love writing and making graphics. Meaning I do it a lot. Therefore I do have two separate communities dedicated to each.

[community profile] justdepends is my WIP fan fiction archive. I do have a website by the same name which hosts all my finished works.
Just Depends

[community profile] ready2drown is my graphics journal. Here you can any of the icons/banners/graphics I have made. However to see all previous graphics I suggest visiting my website yet again. Enjoy.

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