frayed1989: (tv//breaking)
frayed1989 ([personal profile] frayed1989) wrote on May 8th, 2009 at 04:19 pm
update on the painting front
so tuesday i finished my self portrait painting and yesterday i began my castiel painting. figured i'd show you the progress since i got some nice comments from my last post. anyways, enjoy! :)

Finished 2nd Painting:

3rd Painting:

Reference for 3rd Painting:

Saw Star Trek today. It was vicious and I recommend it to EVERYONE, even if you aren't big on Star Trek (the shows). Now I'm off to work from 5-10. My stomach's acting up and when I get home tonight, I'll be busting my ass so I can finish that painting so I can do my 4th tomorrow. Wish me luck!
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