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2009-05-13 07:53 pm

chain me-oooh, chain me free

new layout yet again! i promise to still with this one for a long time as i believe i am now finally settled in here at dreamwidth. well. almost. i still need to set up just depends but that can hold off for another day.

in other news it's finals week this week. tomorrow i have a history take home final exam due at midnight, friday an art history exam, and monday a sculpture exam. luckily all huge projects are done and turned in, meaning i've gotten a bit of a break both yesterday and today. tomorrow it'll be back to hittin' the books to finish up the semester. by time time monday, i'll be officially done with my sophomore year of college. yay! and now you know the reason as to why i haven't updated with anything juicy. fear not! the usual fair with resume sometime next week. i'm thinking tuesday.

so yes. i do love zachary quinto. and yes. it is a very physical love. as most of my love is with celebrities. mark hoppus is possibly the only exception as his crazy frequent twitter updates make me feel as if i actually know him which i don't.

star trek was BEAST and i plan to see it again sometime soon. in fact, both my sister and i feel compelled to drag our mother to it and will probably do so sometime in the upcoming week. depends on my work schedule and all. saturday is the chili chook off which i'm very excited about because third eye blind will be preforming and it'll be my first time seeing them live! some other bands are playing (i really only remember papa roach and teb) but my main reason is third eye blind so i'm happy.

that's pretty much it in the way of updates. hopefully next week will see some graphics and an update to my fan fic Narcolepsy. Here's to hoping. So far my plans for this week/weekend/next week is to finish finals, move out of millennium hall, and clean/organize my room at home as it's a complete mess. after all that is done, i'll definitely post more often.

oh! i will also be purchasing a new desktop this summer hopefully. i'll be getting a mac of course, and i've already determined that i'll get the mac pro quad-processor and with all the specs i want, it'll come to about 3 grand with tax and that's not including a monitor. i'll probably by that at best buys and save about 400 right there. my mom has agreed to help me buy it but that's because she'll be getting my desktop (a 6/7yr old dell) in return. and that just makes me uber excited because it means not only will i have a kick ass desktop that runs smoothly but i'll also be able to play sims3 when it comes out! that's right! sims3 will be able to run on a mac too! i stoked.

right. i'm off.

p.s. please comment with your top 5 hottest celebs. mine are:
1. mark hoppus
2. misha collins
3. zachary quinto
4. matthew mcfadden (pride & prejudice)
5. alan rickman (sense & sensibility)
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2009-05-04 04:43 pm

how many days do i have?

hey all!

so college/painting is currently kicking my ass and making me it's bitch. i have 4 painting i have to paint by monday the 11th and i only have two started. this wouldn't be an issue if it weren't for the fact that i have an installation to put up tomorrow and a machet to make for the fourth plinth final project for my sculpture class.

add finals next week and work all freaking weekend and i am kind of going insane. but that's okay. because as of may 18 i will be officially done my sophomore year. thank jebus.

i also will get a small break on may 16th when i go to the chili cook off and see third eye blind LIVE! (note: i still need to get tickets!)

anyways, small little break before i attack my reproduction painting and finish it. i also realized i totally need to make an icon showcasing my art so i can use it in posts when i talk about art. because am i geek/loser like that.

update later.

p.s. i am currently writing chapter 6 of my fic Narcolepsy so be on the lookout for an update sometime in the next two weeks.