19 May 2009 @ 01:03 pm
justdepends and dreamwidth codes  
currently revamping my site so that it looks like its dreamwidth and livejournal components (is that the right word? i don't think so but you get what i mean). this also means switching from fanupdate (which was seriously horrible- i don't recommend it to anyone) to cutenews which so far has been wonderful and it's so much easier to code rather than wordpress which just confuses me.

so after, revamping justdepends i'll then move onto my portfolio site one great city! and make it an actual portfolio for my works. and you can bet the summer will be spent revamping the entire justdepends franchise (i run a lot of sites including two fanlistings) along with also getting my sister's portfolio site up finally. (been failing at that since last summer)

which also reminds me, i have TWO dreamwidth codes so if you want one, hit me up and i'll let you know what's up. i tried and failed to give my sister one but she won't take it as she states she barely uses her livejournal anyways (she doesn't use it, but i do try especially since she writes and i know she'd get a lot of good feedback if she posted them up at some livejournal communities but whatever)

so i think that's it for now. hopefully a new chapter of narcolepsy will surface sometime this week along with some icons. we'll see. i still have to clean my room, put away all the stuff i brought back from towson and of course, there's work. anyways, fact is be on the lookout!
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07 May 2009 @ 10:10 pm
break my heart why don't you  
spoiler cut for 4.21 of Supernatural )

Right, it's 11:14 and I really should paint a bit before I hit the hay. Tomorrow I'm seeing Star Trek so expect a review on that (if I've got time). That's about it. Here's to hoping I can finish 2 paintings before Sunday because I'm working all freaking weekend. Tomorrow and Saturday from 5-11 and Sunday from 9:45-5. Plus Sunday is Mother's day. Anyone invent a time machine yet? Because I totally could use one.
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04 May 2009 @ 04:43 pm
how many days do i have?  
hey all!

so college/painting is currently kicking my ass and making me it's bitch. i have 4 painting i have to paint by monday the 11th and i only have two started. this wouldn't be an issue if it weren't for the fact that i have an installation to put up tomorrow and a machet to make for the fourth plinth final project for my sculpture class.

add finals next week and work all freaking weekend and i am kind of going insane. but that's okay. because as of may 18 i will be officially done my sophomore year. thank jebus.

i also will get a small break on may 16th when i go to the chili cook off and see third eye blind LIVE! (note: i still need to get tickets!)

anyways, small little break before i attack my reproduction painting and finish it. i also realized i totally need to make an icon showcasing my art so i can use it in posts when i talk about art. because am i geek/loser like that.

update later.

p.s. i am currently writing chapter 6 of my fic Narcolepsy so be on the lookout for an update sometime in the next two weeks.
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03 May 2009 @ 06:31 pm
crosspost test  
that's right. imma sheep.
follow me at dreamwidth. same name and everything. :) check me out!
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