frayed1989: (tv//impala)
frayed1989 ([personal profile] frayed1989) wrote on May 31st, 2009 at 08:45 pm
update say what?
figured i'd give brief explanation to where/what i've been doing. for the past two weeks, i've been busy not only working, but also revamping both my site,, and my sister's site, two worlds. today i finally finished my sister's site so both sites are up and ready for your viewing. is also currently taking applications for both affiliates and for those who would like to be hosted at my site. so, if you're a friend and you already have a site, please consider applying for an affiliate spot (i've got none) or if you would like a site to showcase your work (fiction/graphics/resources/etc.) apply and you could get one for free! check it out.

so i still have to revamp my online portfolio and my layout/fanlisting collective and then i'll be done on the website front except for the regular updates. you can definitely expect an update to Narcolepsy this week along with more icons for my castiel icon100 challenge. so keep and eye out!

that's pretty much it. tomorrow megan and i get to start painting the guest/computer/library hybrid room. i'm pretty excited. :)
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