14 May 2009 @ 10:11 pm
4.22 Supernatural Review  
i am soo at a loss for words it's not even funny. but still, small review. soo...

1. i totally called some of the shit that went down in this episode such as:
+ lilith being the seal. come on, we all knew that.
+ ruby was an evil manipulative coniving bitch! (i really began to hate her when she wasn't being played by katie cassidy - at least she gave ruby some spunk!) and damn it am i glad that dean finally did her in! (yay sam for holding her down and showing us that he is indeed the sam we all still love!)

2. CAS/DEAN LOVE OMFG! like not even funny how much the cas/dean relationship not only jumped right back on track to where it had been at the beginning of 2.20 the rapture before the host dragged him back to heaven, but it also leaped forward like 300 freaking steps! oh god was it so nice to see cas acknowledging his relationship to dean and even expressing remorse and the wish that he could do more! and then to just say fuck it, that dean was right, and just go for it. YOU KNOW THAT CAS WAS THINKING IF THERE IS ANYTHING OR ANYONE WORTH DYING FOR IT WOULD BE DEAN! YOU KNOW THAT WAS THE ONLY REASON HE DID IT. NOT BECAUSE OF HUMANS AND RIGHT AND WRONG BUT FOR FUCKING DEAN. EVERYTHING THAT ANGEL DOES IS ALWAYS FOR DEAN.

3. jesus, i was seriously yelling at the tv "OPEN THE DOOR SAM, OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR, JUST PLEASE OPEN IT!" when he was in the process of killing lilth that dean was banging at the door calling name. i was freaking balling my eyes out when she died because for a moment there i had seriously thought we had just lost sam.

4. bobby? you were there and then you weren't? i'm kind of surprised we didn't get to see his reaction to dean's up and sudden disappearance. and thus kind of sad? is he okay? what's up with bobby (and i have to admit it but damn it, bobby needed to say it. dean needed to hear it, needed to be reminded that family is fucking worth it, every last second of misery, it's fucking worth it.)

5. how the hell could you just end it like that, kripke? are sam and dean alive? is sam still going to be used as a vessel for lucifer, jesus christ, what will happen to dean if he is? and is cas okay? is he alive? how the hell did he hold the arch angels off and does he know? and if so is he going to get to dean and sam in time or will the arch angels stop him there too?

like seriously, it's bad enough that bones ended on a cliffhanger (i'm sooo angry because i caught the end of it so i don't even know what happened that episode) but seriously, supernatural had to end on one too? this summer is seriously going to be freaking torture! hopefully fan fiction will help feel the void along with misha's twitter. man needs to update right now and set some things straight!